Tree of Knowledge Distortion

ToK distortion

Tree of Knowledge distortion

Where the Tree of Life brings beauty, the Tree of Knowledge brings the noise.  High gain distortion at your fingertips… literally.  If you have a pesky amp that just won’t give you anything but a clean tone, throw this badboy in front and drop that thing into drop D tuning.

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The Mercy Seat Effects Tree of Knowledge distortion takes its queues from an age old circuit known as the “Tube Sound Fuzz.” We first stumbled across this circuit in the book “Electronics Projects for Musicians.” We tip our hat to this circuit with our Tree of Knowledge distortion.

The addition of plenty of voicing circuitry and tone control breathes new life into an already amazing sounding distortion. Don’t let the standard controls of Volume, Gain and Tone fool you.  This baby is packing heat.  The Tree of Knowledge distortion pedal is great for scorching lead tones and metal rhythm palm muting.


  • True Bypass switching
  • CD4069 IC Chip
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Alpha pots
  • High quality, 1% tolerance resistors
  • High quality film capacitors
  • Handwired, hand-stamped, hand-painted
  • Negative center, 9V BOSS* style DC power

ORDER 189€ in the European Union (includes VAT), 159€ outside the EU