Holy Dove Overdrive

HD 5There was once a famed pedal, whose name we cannot utter. Half man, half beast and all tone! Okay, we’ll just say it, the Klon Centaur. Many guitar players from professionals (who actually own one) to bedroom rockers (who may not own one) marveled at the amazing “transparency” and tube like characteristics of this pedal, and for good reason. It sounds incredible.

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If you’ve been searching the world over for the Klon Centaur but just can’t drop the $600+ these used pedals are demanding, fear not. At Mercy Seat Effects we have you covered.

The Holy Dove overdrive takes the infamous Klon Centaur circuit and does away with the unnecessary charge pump circuitry creating a scaled down circuit that can fit in the palm of your hand. We are quite confident that you’ll love the tones coming from the Holy Dove. Many pedals claim to have a transparent sound, and they do! Most of the time you can’t tell if they’re even on! So what’s the point in buying a pedal that has no audible effect on your sound? They call them effects pedals for a reason. The Holy Dove has a very musical and clean transparency that actually delivers some dirt for far less than you’d spend on the real deal.

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