Feather Bender Fuzz


FBF 7Fuzz pedals rule, we all know that, but how do you choose the right one? Silicon, Germanium, vintage, modern… the choices are nearly endless.

The Feather Bender fuzz is based on the Colorsound Tonebender*. The Feather Bender fuzz was designed to give you the versatility of everything from a vintage drive (think Cream era Clapton) to all out “Siamese Dream” fuzzy goodness.  A quad of 2N5089 transistors and an added “low” switch give this fuzz plenty of hair when you need it, but the Feather Bender never loses the musicality that many other fuzzes lose at higher gain settings and never gets harsh.  Thanks to its all analog circuitry you can be assured your tone is staying pure. Controls include Volume, Gain, Tone and switchable “low” setting.

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  • True Bypass switching
  • All analog circuitry
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Alpha pots
  • High quality, 1% tolerance resistors
  • High quality film capacitors
  • (4) 2N5089 matched transistors
  • Handwired, hand-stamped, hand-painted
  • Negative center, 9V BOSS* style DC power


listen to ‘Feather Bender Fuzz’ on audioBoom

Mercy Seat Effects claims no affiliation to Colorsound, Tonebender or gutiarpcb.com.


  1. Leroy
    Leroy September 4, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Hey there just curious to know if you guys ship these puppies to Australia????