Ernie Ball Volume Pedal mod with Samson Buffer/Splitter

Mercy Seat Effects volume pedal modVery often companies will create a great piece of gear created for a very specific purpose. Sometimes, while satisfying that very specific purpose, that great piece of gear totally messes up something else. Such is the case with most volume pedals, specifically the Ernie Ball VP and VP Jr.

When you plug in your VP do you hear a very obvious loss of high end chime? Probably. I wrote an article about why the Ernie Ball VP has this effect on your tone in detail. Luckily, we can do something about it!

The Ernie Ball Volume Pedal mod uses 2 of the Mercy Seat Effects Samson buffer circuits and completely splits and isolates the outputs of the volume pedal in order to regain the strength and fidelity of your original tone.

Option 1

1. Installed Samson buffer circuit with two isolated buffers

2. A super bright LED to look super cool on that dark stage

3. A DC jack to power it all

This option costs 45€ in the European Union (includes VAT) or 25€ outside the EU, plus return shipping. Not a bad deal, right?

Although this mod will make a distinct difference, some players notice that the addition of the Samson buffer (or any buffer for that matter) changes the sweep characteristics of the VP. I’ll be honest, you’ve got to have some golden ears to notice. That, or you are Chris Lord Alge. In any event, some players opt for option 2.

Option 2

1. Everything that you get with option 1

2. I replace the 250K volume pot with a 25K pot. This allows the VP to react more naturally to the added buffer.

This option costs 65€ in the European Union (includes VAT) or 45€ outside the EU, plus shipping. Still not a bad deal!

Here’s what you DON’T get: a new (read: supplied by ME) Volume Pedal, a power source, increased libido and/or increased talent. Those you will have to supply yourself.

This mod involves you sending me your Ernie Ball VP. I then add the Samson buffer/splitter along with a sweet looking blue LED. Obviously this turns your passive volume pedal into an active one with the added circuitry. What this means to you is that you need to power it. Any standard 9v power adapter (negative center) will work. Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, DC Power Brick, Boss walwart, etc. Here’s how it works.

1. Order the mod through the Mercy Seat store

2. You pay and ship me YOUR Volume Pedal

3. I do the mod and then send your pedal back

That’s it! Now get those pedals modded!

The cost of this mod is 45€-65€ plus shipping in the European Union (includes VAT) and 25€-45€ plus shipping outside the EU. ORDER NOW


  1. Corey
    Corey August 6, 2013 at 3:01 am .


    I just wanted to know where you guys are? Australia or America?

    How long does it generally take for you to do the mod and send the pedal back?