Custom and Dual Effects Pedals

From time to time, just one Mercy Seat Effects pedal isn’t enough. Case in point is the example below. This is the Tree of Life overdrive and Levon boost in the same enclosure. Both “sides” are able to be used completely independently of each other (try that with a Fulltone Fulldrive), or you can stack them. Also, I am now making a “circuit choosing” switch available for the added charge of 25€. With this switch you can effectively choose which circuit your guitar signal hits first. Wanna boost your overdrive tone with the boost after the overdrive, or would you rather drive your overdrive harder with the boost in front? Both options are doable with the simple flip of the switch! All for only 209€ (add 25€ for the circuit selector).


Most dual pedals will run anywhere from 199€ to 259€ depending on the circuits and time required for the build. The additional “circuit choosing” switch is an added 25€ and is shown in the demo below.

This custom pedal features the Tree of Life overdrive and a Fixed wah with the “circuit choosing” switch and a switchable on/off Samson buffer! That’s a ton of options.

Do you have an idea for a custom pedal? Hit me up and let’s talk about it! Here are a few examples of custom builds I have done.

Dual Pedals:

Tree of Life / Levon boost

Tree of Knowledge / OEF (One Eyed Fuzz)

Tree of Life / Fixed Wah with “circuit choosing” switchFall of Man

Tree of Life / Tree of Knowledge / Levon boost.  This dual pedal will be known as “The Fall of Man.”


Custom Builds:

OCD clone / Timmy clone

“Bare Bones” Klon clone. This pedal does away with the unnecessary charge pump section of the infamous Klon overdrive.

*Mercy Seat Effects claims no affiliation to “OCD” “Timmy” or “Klon.” These names are used as examples only and all rights remain those of the originator.



  1. felix
    felix January 16, 2013 at 4:42 pm .

    Hi , Im Felix from france and i would like to know if you doing some custom pedals.

    heres i what i need :

    Analog Delay
    Analog Chorus
    Analog Phaser
    Analog Flanger
    Fuzz Face
    Tube screamer
    Wah wah

    I think have around 350 $ per pedals and the size or look i would like to have is the one of the fulltone ocd

  2. Yianni
    Yianni November 22, 2013 at 3:36 am .

    Hey guys, I’m from Australia.
    Would you guys be able to make a custom phaser pedal?