Consider the Raven reverb “Flock” edition

189€ – 209€


When we revamped the Consider the Raven reverb we aimed to create a pedal with three main aspects in mind:

-powerful in its features

-versatile in its tone

-small footprint to take up less pedal board space

And that is how the Consider the Raven “Flock” edition reverb was created.

The CtR Flock edition is capable of crafting many of your favorite reverb tones, from quick, slappy reverb all the way to lush, ambient soundscapes.

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The controls of the CtR Flock edition are fairly straightforward. Much like its predecessor we crafted it with ease of use in mind which in turn helped the circuit fit inside a relatively small 125B enclosure. But don’t assume for a second that the simple controls will hinder your ability to tweak to your hearts desire. Both “plug and play” and “tweaker” type players will find that the CtR Flock edition reverb is usable and musical at all settings, making it as simple to use as you want it to be.

“Volume” controls the overall volume of the pedal. This was an important feature for us to add as a result of the “Flock” switch, but we will cover that later.

“Verb” controls the volume of the reverb that is mixed in to the clean signal. Yes, we said clean signal. The ability to mix reverb in with your clean signal, rather than adding reverb to your overall signal is what keeps the CtR musical and from getting lost in the mix. This, in conjunction with the Volume control, also means the CtR can be used as a clean boost!

“Tone” controls the tone of the reverb signal only. It was important, again, to keep this control separate from the clean signal so you can be assured that the time you spent dialing in your wonderful tone doesn’t change just because you click on the reverb. Because of this fact the Tone control is very subtle, but also very useful. At lower levels the Tone control delivers a woofier verb, while it higher levels you get a crisp verb.

“Size” controls the dwell, or length of your reverb. At its lowest levels you can achieve a cool slappy reverb more akin to a spring or plate reverb. At its highest levels you get a lush soundscape that melts and ties together notes into sonic, shoegazing bliss. Ambient players will love the higher settings!

That’s it for controls… wait, no, there’s more.DSC_0560

The “Flock” control is what makes this reverb a totally different animal. When engaged the reverb circuit is slammed with gain. This can have different effects on the reverb depending on your settings. Remember the Volume control? Well this is where it comes in really handy. When the Flock switch is engaged you will immediately notice a volume increase due to the gain increase. Like having a flock of ravens circling your head, the flip of the switch completely alters the mood of your reverb adding strength, a bit more compression and even some harmonic overtones. We found that the Flock switch reacted differently with different guitar and amp arrangements which means the CtR can deliver a unique experience for each player.

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