Effects Pedals

Effects pedals are the pieces of gear that really define us as players. They fine tune and alter our tone to create something that is uniquely our own, sonically, aurally and visibly. Your tone is YOURS! Here at Mercy Seat Effects we don’t buy-in to the hype. What we DO buy-in to is encouraging players to play with gear that makes them confident and drives them to play more, and we think that we have a pretty sweet lineup that can do just that.

Geekery: All Pedals Include

  • True Bypass switching
  • All analog circuitry (on most pedals)
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Alpha pots
  • High quality, 1% tolerance resistors
  • High quality film capacitors
  • Handwired, hand-stamped, hand-painted
  • Negative center, 9V BOSS* style DC power

Check out the effects pedals currently in production. From low gain overdrive to high-gain distortion, fuzz,reverb and boost pedals, Mercy Seat Effects has got you covered.gutiar effects pedal lineup

Zacchaeus clean boost

Levon boost

OEF (One Eyed Fuzz)

Feather Bender fuzz

Tree of Knowledge distortion

Tree of Life overdrive

Liquid reverb

Samson buffer

Dual pedals

Custom Loop boxes

A/B switch

Tap Tempo  controllers (standard and Strymon*)

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal buffer mod


What? You don’t see what you’re looking for?

No worries, Mercy Seat Effects can do custom one off builds as well!  Check out the Custom Builds page for past one off effects we’ve built and then contact us with your specific request!

*Mercy Seat Effects claims no affiliation with Boss or Strymon brand pedals.


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  2. Blake Byrd
    Blake Byrd November 7, 2013 at 10:30 pm .

    How much are your bypass loops goin for? I was thinking either a 4 or 5 channel strip.

  3. Yianni adams
    Yianni adams November 19, 2013 at 1:49 pm .

    Hey guys, I’m a big fan of your work. Just wanted to know if you guys would make a custom phaser and if your could, how much it would be