Big Changes #1 at Mercy Seat Effects

Since Mercy Seat Effects began I had a very simple mission; to create effects pedals that inspire. In order to accomplish this I not only concerned myself with the sound and tone of my pedals but also in their apprearance. Making an effects pedal stand out in its tone is difficult enough, but making it stand out in its physical appearance is quite another burden. This is the reason I have always sought to give as much artistic control and customization to each and every customer. It has proven to be exactly what SOME players are looking for. However, what about everyone else who appreciates the more standardized, professional look?
I have realized not everyone is seeking a custom designed pedal. Not everyone cares about the color of their enclosure or the graphic that is handpainted on it. It is for these people that I am proud to offer a standardized version of my pedals with professionaly screenprinted artwork by Mammoth Electronics.
Slowly, one at a time, I will begin releasing these versions. The goal is to release one pedal each month, starting in August.
The first of my pedals to be released is the Tree of Life overdrive. For more information on its extremely versatile and impecable tone please click here.

For those of you who prefer the custom work, DON’T WORRY! I will continue to build custom pedals as well!


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